SCLE: Supply Chain Learning Envirnoment

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A web-based learning experience in managing supply chain relationships, information flows, and customer demand.

SCLE is a unique internet-delivered simulation for use in the classroom. Students have the opportunity to play the role of a manufacturer or distributor in a realistic supply chain, where they interact, cooperate, and compete with their classmates. Students have the opportunity to plan a business strategy based on forecasts and market information, to negotiate with others to define and foster supply chain relationships, and to respond and adapt to dynamic supply chain events. Students are assessed on company performance as well as a full suite of flexible deliverables.

"After learning how supply chains 'should' operate, the simulation shows students how difficult it is to actually apply the supply chain principles. Unlike many other simulations, it forces them to interact with other firms and to focus on the critical factors that make supply chains work."
Dr. James A. Pope, Professor of Operations Management, University of Toledo

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how to:

  • Develop a supply/distribution environmental assessment
  • Develop a marketing & supply chain strategic plan
  • Conduct supplier/customer evaluation
  • Develop and prepare a negotiation strategy
  • Develop a supply chain contract based on total cost of ownership
  • Manage the relationship after the contract is executed
  • Manage inventory, pricing, capacity and order fulfillment processes in the supply chain
  • Understand the impact of supply chain decisions on profitability and assets
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